Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Poor Creatures

The local newscast is ugly again.

Some dimwitted dickhead has decided his mission in life is spread misery by torturing harmless animals.

Last night some dumbfuck shot 15 baby goats amongst a herd grazing in the quiet of the Oakland Hills.

Baby Goats.

This is on the same caliber of sadistic twit who felt compelled to repeatedly run down and kill a family of tame ducks residing in the decorative pond of a San Jose carwash.

Security video captured the image of the man and his Acura engaging in his animal murderfest....too bad the image was too blurry to capture the license plate.
I can't believe it has bean nearly a year since the incident.

The Santa Clara Valley Humane Society has a reward fund of over $35,000. to find and convict this piece of shit. I can't believe NO ONE recognizes the perpetrator.

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