Friday, June 29, 2007


The Wheel Turns.....

Another year passes. The wheel of life continues to turn.

Last week ushered in the solstice and with it memories of several friends who passed away during the sunny summer warmth of 2006. I write it here to honor their memories...all three of them young, vibrant and cut down in the prime of life.

"Jesse" ..... I miss you sweet boy and defend your honor and right to privacy even unto death. You are sorely missed by those who really mattered..... You have left your mark of beauty and kindness as a legacy and inspiration to those of us left in your wake.

Rita Annie......the neighborhood has not felt the same since your passing. I hope you found your peace in the light. I will always blame Kaiser-Permanente for senseless death ....if only they'd listened to you and ordered your tests before you were stage 4. You fought the hardest fight and stayed with us so much longer than anticipated.....Optimistically, I believed you had the will to stay alive forever. I remember and feel your spirit in the know which I refer to.

Steve.......You left us only days after Rita......only none of us saw it coming and reeling with shock we cried for you, your young children and widow and the projects you would never finish. Many days I still live in the denial of your having left this world.

A new summer is upon us now. Fresh lives have come into being to renew the meaning of life, the passing of time and the creation of joy for the future.

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