Saturday, March 24, 2007


Think of the Animals

It has been an awfully disturbing week for animal lovers.

Early this week headlines were flashing the horror of cats and dogs being struck down by a mysterious toxin believed to be in cans of tainted pet food. I rushed to discover which of the over ninety brands of pet food known to be the culprits. My heart pounded as I scanned the roster, shuddering at the names I knew....brands I have fed my dog in the past. Relief flooded me when I didn't see his current favorite among these.....but for the grace of God.
I gulped and cried for the sad-eyed, suffering little pets shown on local TV news; dogs and cats undergoing intensive care in local veterinary clinics... their tearful guilt-ridden owners telling the sad diagnoses of acute kidney failure and discouraging prognoses regarding survival of their little beloveds.

Last night I learned of the stupid and senseless cattle shootings taking place in rural Marin County. Some as yet unidentified teenagers with a handgun drove down a quiet lane to shoot a dairy cow and her two calves. There have been other mysterious cattle shootings there in recent weeks. Those ranchers are pissed and fixin' to shoot back....who can blame them?

The icing of the cake of animal horrors came to my attention today on Court TV.
Last month the 4 year old Australian Shepherd belonging to a 17 year old girl had gone missing without a trace. Around Valentines Day she found a package addressed to her on her doorstep..... inside she found valentine candies and a plastic bag containing the head of her missing pet. Police arrested the creepy 24 year old neighbor who beheaded her dog and sent it to her spitefully because she had rejected his romantic advances. Sick Fuck.

So now I pray to the angels.... for healing energy to help the poisoned pets. I pray people will thoroughly destroy any cans of the tainted food lest unknowing folks scavenge them from garbage dumpsters and feed them to other pets. Tell your friends about the toxic food....even today I heard a story of a pet owner with two sick cats who didn't believe his cats could be among the poisoned because he feeds them high-end Iams. Sadly, Iams is on the list.

I discovered a wonderful website where we can help feed shelter animals by simply clicking on the site everyday.... is sponsored by advertisers who will donate .6 bowls of food to rescued and shelter animals every time a visitor to the site clicks on the food fund bar. They publish a daily tally of bowls generated by site visitors.

It is is easy if you bookmark it.... and it is something concrete we can do everyday to help make a difference in the lives of abandoned and unloved animals.
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