Saturday, March 17, 2007


The Reign of Televisions

Are new televisions piece of crap or do I just have bad luck with electronics?

I bought a nice 19'' Color TV back in 1984. It kept going for years and years.....about 4 years ago the color started to look a little faded so I bought a new model to replace it and gave the old fadey one to my friend's son. Replacement TV #1 kicked the bucket when it was about 18 months into warranty. My warranty as per Circuit City promised repair or replacement. So....a repairmen is sent to my house and he tells me the circuit board has been destroyed by "water damage".....I say "Huh?' because i never had anything wet anywhere near this TV. Bad news I am told is that my warranty does not cover 'water damage' so I am screwed and don't bother us for further evaluation or argument.

I went shopping for replacement TV #2 and made sure to purchase an extended in home repair warranty. This piece of electronic wizardry took a huge dump last warning , just a hiss and buzz then no picture or sound.

While covered by a warranty, I would be required to wait more than 2 weeks for the soonest repair appointment at home. ( like watching my evening television programs and I wasn't thrilled to wait weeks to watch them so I ventured out to purchase replacement #3 which would be an upgrade and I would just have an additional TV for another room.

TV #3 is a big ass 32" monstrosity that enlarges people's faces to frightening dimensions and weighs enough to kill you if it fell over .

Last night replacement TV #3 made a snap and went dark during Anderson Cooper's 360. Yeah, it is still under warranty and I can get it fixed, but I have to get a friend to help me wrestle the beast out of the way so that deposed replacement TV#2 can hold reign in my personal TV Land.

So whats the deal? Is it simply a new ideology of built in obsolescence or do I just have bad TV karma?
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